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A Crypto-Asset Exchange for Institutional Investors in 2018

We are a US-based, licensed exchange for institutional investors involved in blockchain-based instruments. Every detail—from account onboarding to customer support to custody, insurance, APIs, and fiat transfer limits—has been built from the ground up for institutional customers. 

    +    priority access to the exchange

    +    ability to sponsor listings

    +    influence over governance rules

    +    access to preferred pricing

"This is my 3rd exchange. And my aim is to fill a critical gap in the blockchain industry. Every detail caters to the unique needs of an institutional customer. "

Marshall Swatt

Founder and CEO, Swatt Exchange

A Wall Street-grade exchange for institutions comes to the Blockchain Industry

Someone is available to take your call when you need it.

24 x 7 Customer Support

Days—not months—to get your accounts, sub-accounts, roles, and everything you need to start trading.

Onboarding Process Fit For Purpose

Institution-grade insurance options to give you peace of mind.

Your Investor's Money Insured

99% of assets stored in cold storage. Options to compartmentalize wallets as desired.

Advanced Custody Options

Service and uptime guarantees with transparent reporting and governance rules in place in case of a service degradation.

Guaranteed and Transparent

Swatt Exchange customers enjoy these 5 Key Benefits:

Developed with our members for 2018

Swatt Exchange is developed in close collaboration with our members to deliver a trusted exchange that supports broader institutional adoption of blockchain-based instruments.

Pre-Registration Benefits

Qualified pre-registered members will have:

    +    priority access to the exchange

    +    ability to sponsor listings

    +    influence over governance rules

    +    access to preferred pricing

Trade fiat, crypto-currencies, tokenized securities, and derivatives

Industry Standard FIX API with clear documentation

High fiat transfer limits over 100,000 USD

Standard, complex order types and order constraints

Low-latency (1M+ transactions per second upon beta launch)

Formal trading rules and market structures

Swatt Exchange Key Features

All pre-registered accounts onboarded with continual onboarding processes started.

Public Release

Release Roadmap


Jan 1, 


July 31, 


All accounts registered thereafter will be waitlisted until the public release.

Pre-Registration Closes

Exchange will begin to be rolled out to pre-registered accounts in tranches.

Beta Launch Begins

A team of engineers, technologists, and financial experts dedicated to building key infrastructure in the blockchain industry

Seasoned entrepreneur building his 3rd exchange

Marshall Swatt, CEO

Architect of systems doing billions of transactions daily

Gerry Seidman, CTO

Head of Compliance  |  Head of Security  |  Head of Operations

To Be Announced

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Catch Founder and CEO Marshall Swatt in the Media.

A world-class advisory circle with expertise in security, trading, asset management, compliance, branding, and exchange management

Former Senior Marketing Exec at CME and CBOE

John Roberts

Founder of the U.S. Secret Service Cyber Intelligence Division

Robert Villanueva

AdWeek Creative Director of the Decade

Alex Bogusky

20+ yrs trading equities, commodities, crypto-assets

Serge Milman

Former CLO IT Terremark Worldwide, managed $1.4B acquisition by Verizon 2011

Adam T. Smith

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