Live Beta as of Aug 1, 2018

Swatt Data Highlights

Blockchain Data & Analytics platform, with thousands of metrics on over 15 Blockchains and 600+ tokens

Swatt Data makes it easy to obtain and analyze data on underlying blockchain networks, cryptocurrencies and ICO tokens, for a fraction of the cost.

+ Source blockchain data from a single API

+ Create charts comparing 1000's of metrics

+ Discover underlying patterns and changes that impact the price of crypto instruments

+ Real-time and complete history per metric


Bitcoin Cash



ERC20 Tokens

Ethereum Classic









And More...

Block Time
Hash Rate
Average Fee Per Transaction
Average Fee Per Kilobyte
Smallest fee per block
Largest fee per block
Market Cap
Transaction Count
Tx Count Per Block
Monetary Velocity
NVT Ratio
Metcalf Valuation
Price and Volume Volatility
Open/High/Low/Close/Median Price
And More...

Supported Data Sets

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"We've built financial products before, so we know what our customers need. Our aim is to fill a critical gap in the blockchain industry for high quality data suitable for quantitative analysis and trading."

Marshall Swatt

Founder and CEO, Swatt Data

The only source of underlying data on blockchain and token networks

Customer and technical support is available to ensure you are up and running quickly

Customer Support

We source the data and make it available for a fraction of the cost of maintaining numerous blockchain network nodes

All for a fraction of the cost

Normalized time-series data in CSV and JSON format, all via one API

All Data Via One API

We provide 25 metrics per blockchain instrument, with more metrics and instruments added each week

Thousands of metrics and growing

Our data is available real-time, 24/7. Get full histories, back to the first blockchain transaction

Real-time and Full History

Swatt Data customers enjoy these 5 Key Benefits:

The only blockchain data product on the market

Swatt Data provides unique insight into the value of blockchain instruments, whether currencies or tokens. With Swatt Data, you can analyze the actual behavior of a blockchain currency or token, analzye underlying value, and make intelligent trading decisions.

Fundamental network data for making better trades:

    +    Monitor activity real-time

    +    Analyze historical data

    +    Perform correlation and valuation analyses

    +    Compare data across blockchains

Large changes in fees per transaction precede price moves

Thousands of metrics, 15+ blockchains, 600+ ERC20 Tokens. 25 metrics per instrument.

Use our charting Interface to generate your own time-series charts

Access our API and get JSON or CSV format data

Obtain hashrate, transaction counts, transaction fee, network value and other metrics per instrument

Get real-time and historical data

All available for a fraction of the cost of sourcing the data yourself

Swatt Data Key Features

New features and data, and new classes of data will be added.

More Data & Analytics

Release Roadmap


Q4 2018

July 31, 


Limited release to select customers.

Swatt Data Goes Live

Hundreds of Additional Metrics Added

A team of engineers, technologists, and financial experts dedicated to building key infrastructure in the blockchain industry

Seasoned entrepreneur

co-founder of crypto exchange

extensive financial industry experience

Marshall Swatt, CEO

Experienced architect of scalable, low-latency systems supporting large data sets

Gerry Seidman, CTO

International Business Times Logo

Catch Founder and CEO Marshall Swatt in the Media.

A world-class advisory circle with expertise in security, trading, asset management, compliance, branding, and exchange management

Former Senior Marketing Exec at CME and CBOE

John Roberts

Founder of the U.S. Secret Service Cyber Intelligence Division

Robert Villanueva

AdWeek Creative Director of the Decade

Alex Bogusky

20+ yrs trading equities, commodities, crypto-assets

Serge Milman

Former CLO Terremark Worldwide, managed $1.4B acquisition by Verizon 2011

Adam T. Smith

Founder First Principle, Former Creative Director @ Square, Designer @ Saxo Bank

Thomas Petersen

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